Beach Clean & Street Ups

We believe in keeping our communities CLEAN. We invite young leaders to participate in our bi-monthly beach clean ups and street cleans ups. This experience is truly about helping our environment to stay clean. 

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Mentor's Cafe

​Our programs provides 1:1mentorship for students ages 15-25 years to interact with career professionals, community leaders and mentors. Mentors are key components to our prpgrams and they are  passionate about helping young people succeed. 

Community Service 

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Annual Leaders Awards Gala


Members of the community are invited to celebrate the work of unsung young heroes from the community. This event is a fundraiser to build new relationships. Sponsors have an opportunity to meet our young people that are giving back. Leaders Awards Gala is a celebration for community service achievement. Theme: Technology & Beyond


 -SAVE THE DATE: April. 5, 2023

Homeless & Nursing Home-Helpers

We provide assistance to seniors, and our homeless population. Students are asked to serve meals, meet and greet, also share words of encouragement. These experiences for the students are both uplifting and humbling. 

Educational Development

Educational & Leadership Training

​Each week and month, students have an opportunity to introduce themselves to career professionals, network with officials, and build leadership skills. The members are also accompanied by team leaders who overseas outdoor activities. All events are advertised and require sign ins.  Students earn community service hours for the time started and when they are finish. 

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Zoom Community Forums

​With the support of the community we are able to host community events, and provide small services to the students.This year we launched our first "Community Service & Mentors Expo". This event will provide an opportunity for community parters to get involved. We connect our students to global leaders, and issues effecting our world. 

Global Communication 

Monthly Leadership Training​

Each month we invite a guest speaker, parents, students, and the global community to join us for a thirty minute phone conference call. The purpose of the call is to inspire young people to think about service at the begin of the month and begin to organization ways to help others throughout the month. Students will have an opportunity to ask questions and give comments. This call is FREE and open to all. To learn more email

LRL Global Youth Leadership Conf

Global Youth Leadership Conference 2021 #LRLGYLC21

Every year we host our annual Global Youth Leadership Conference to inspire young people through educational workshops. The purpose of the conference is an opportunity for professional speakers, youth advocates and mentors to share. Sponsors are invited to be a participant. 


SAVE THE DATE: TBA October  2021

Leaders Recognizing Leaders- July Board