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Become a Mentor- MEMBERSHIP DRIVE 

Leaders Recognizing Leaders  Inc,. would like to extend an open invitation to community leaders and interested persons to become mentors for our young people. If you would like to become a mentor, sign up for FREE training. Your membership will help us to mentor two high school students for the YEAR! Sign Up today and join us to promote #YouthLeadership #CommunityService 


10th Annual Leaders Awards Gala - Featured Ms. Sheri Salata 

Each year we will celebrate unsung heroes for their contributions to community service projects and a night to honor community leaders.


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Start With Service- Young Diplomats Dialogue Conference Call 

Join us every 1st day of the month for an LRL Young Diplomats Dialogue call with Young HighSchool Student Leaders, Parents, Students and, Mentors. Each month we invite our speaker to discuss and share an important topic! Don't miss a chance to be inspired on the first day of the month! 




Leaders Inspire Summer Program will begin on June 8, 2020 thru August 8th. This opportunity is open to High School & College Students ages 15-25 years. To register email Re: Summer Program. To register email 



Community Service Summit & Expo 2022 
SAVE THE DATE: April 21-25, 2022.   This event is for High School students, Brace Advisors and Community leaders to learn more about additional community service opportunities from local nonprofit organizations. To register for this event please send an email to - Re:- Community Service Summit & Expo Registration.



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What's Next for Leaders Recognizing Leaders

Quarterly (+1) Board Meetings 

January 2021

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December 2021

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Membership Drive & Conference Board Planning Meeting

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Scuotto's Pizza Cafe 

Chicano Mexican Grill

Starbucks- Sunrise

Panera Bread  

Office (954) 305-1984



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 Back To School

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Start With Service Young Diplomats Conference Call

1st day of each month.

(641) 715-3276 access code 814461



National Day Of Service

MLK- Birthday Holiday

Street Clean Up

Jan 15th -Time: TBA


-Beach Clean Up - Fort Lauderdale

August 17th 2020

September 21st 2020

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WINTER 2022 Internship Program 

Beginning January 4th - May 13th 2022

Open: Undergraduate College Students

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Membership Celebration 

- Honoring LRL Golden Ambassador

Friday June 12th 2021


Sat. June 13th 2021 

MLK-LRL Street Clean UP.(Pending)


LRL Tennessee Chapter Fundraiser


>>>>PAST EVENTS.......

-Mentors & Community Service Expo 


GYL-Conference -Friday 6-8pm

H - Part 1 - November 20th 2015

E - Part 2/ - December 18th 2015

R - Part 3- December 18th 2015

O - Part 4- January 15th  2016



LRL  Homeless Shelter Day

 "New Socks" Giveaway

Help The Homeless

December 16, 2021





Leaders Inspire Summer Program will begin on June 8, 2021. This opportunity is open to High School & College Students ages 15-25 years. To register email Re: Summer Program. 


Program Fee: $35.00per week 



Leadership Training,

Diplomatic Coaching, 

Event Planning Skills, 


Each class size is maxium 8 per session. We will have 3 sessions per week. 


Motto: Register TODAY! Lead TOMORROW! & Inspire the WORLD FOREVER!


Motto :We Stand Together As One In The Right Place & Time