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Leaders Recognizing Leaders Inc national charter is based in Nashville Tennessee, where the organization launched 2009-2010 was officially established in 2011 as a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  Our headquarters office is based in Fort Lauderdale Florida.  This organization is designed to help young people across the world become leaders and young diplomats. We raise funds at a national level, provides mentoring for youth, build community partnerships through community service activities to advance civic duty awareness and promote peace, unity, and service.

Nashville Tennessee Charter

We are currently making several changes to our leadership team. Graduations and family changes have reshaped our leadership team. If you would like to get involved we have several meeting scheduled for the next few months. Email us at to find out when the next meeting will be held.

Some of our graduates of the organization are from the following colleges i.e. Vanderbilt University, Fisk University, Belmont University, Tennessee State University, American Baptist College, Trevecca . The high schools include Martin Luther King Jr. High and  Pearl Cohn High.

Fort Lauderdale Florida Charter

Our open to the public meetings is a great way to get involved. We host several community service projects each month. Members are encouraged to attend one service project, one meeting, serve on a special committee and create a global platform awareness project to address the MDG's Millennium Development Goals '2030' 

If you would like to become a member and your not a high school student, dues are $45.00 annually. Get involved and sign up today!

Start an LRL Club... at your school 

Nova Southeastern University LRL Chapter 

GREAT News! The NSU-LRL Chapter has official launched October 2012 and we are excited to share that we are curently recruiting students to join the on campus chapter. Our goal is to host a special event for the NSU students on campus and invite students from the college to mentor young men and women that are soon to graduate. 

Our team is committed to community service and we believe we can build a bridge between the college and community. 

Broward College North *UO-LRL Chapter

Most graduates make an assumption that community service is not needed once they get to college. Our goal is to dispell that myth and encourage students to give back to their communities. We have addressed several leaders and currently waiting on a few more members to start our planning meetings to become an official chapter. 

Earning community service hours is also like earning money, because companies give moeny to struggling students to help with financial aide, books, tuition etc. 

Nova High *UO-LRL Chapter

This summer three students decided to create a team  of leaders for the 2014-2015 school year. We are new to the school and excited about sharing and bonding with our new friends about this amazing organization. Our group is still forming, but we believe that our new friends will be excited about learning and earning community service hours with LRL Nova High Chapter. We have completed  the paper work and our next goal is to introduce it to students, teachers, parents and our new principal. 

Our goal as a new chapter is to help the freshman class complete all 40 service hours before sophomore year. More information coming soon!

Piper High -LRL Chapter

It's official, as of October 31st 2013 we are not officially a chapter on Piper High School campus. After several meetings we are very proud to have committed and dedicated students from PHS willing to give back to the community. Currently our numbers and membership interest has increased from 5 members to over 60 interested young leaders. 

Our school officials are very supportive and will help us to reach our chapter goals. We will conduct research and host meaningful discussions to engage our peers. 

Miami Dade *UO-LRL Chapter

Special Thanks to the Piper High School LRL UO chapter for recruiting us, to get involved. We are passionate about serving the community and will be working with our peers to create an official chapter. 

Most of our classmates have not completed their community service hours and are looking for ways to volunteer. We are happy to build a strong team to represent our school and students concerns. 

Broward College Central *UO-LRL Chapter

Attention all incoming freshman, if you would like to join a new club, please contact @Shariff Martin.  Our goal is to start an official chapter and invite Central students to enjoy more community service. In order for the club to start  we need 4 students to join a planning committee to become an official chapter. 

Earning community service hours is also like earning money, because companies give moeny to struggling students to help with financial aide, books, tuition etc. 

*UO-Unofficial Chapter